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Booking and payment A deposit of 30% of the total amount including fees for gorilla permits is required to secure a booking. Full payment is due 30 days prior to departure. Payment methods accepted are bank transfers prior to departure.

Cancellations and refunds

Cancellations must be made through our official email address. Refunds will be issued based on the following schedule excluding Gorilla Permit fees:

  • Four months or more prior to departure, a full refund.
  • Three months prior to departure, a 50% refund.
  • Two months prior to departure, 30% refund.
  • Two weeks prior to departure, no refund.
  • No show, no refund.
  • Cancellation when on trip, no refund.

Note that:

  • Gorilla permits are issued by Uganda Wildlife Authority in Uganda, Rwanda Development Board in Rwanda and are non-refundable.
  • All cancellations and refunds are subject to negotiation unless otherwise.
    Safari Costs/Prices

Prices are subject to change due to currency fluctuations and other unforeseen circumstances. Safari costs do not include additional expenses such as:

  • International Transfers.
  • Visa fees and travel documents.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Optional activities and excursions.
  • Gratuities and tips
  • Any extras not mentioned in the itinerary.
  • Prices are per person and where one is traveling with another person or a group, they will be charged separately.
    Itinerary changes
  • The tour operator reserves the right to make changes to the itinerary due to the following:
  • Unforeseen circumstances like natural disasters and political instability
  • Weather conditions
  • Safety concerns

These changes will be communicated to clients in a timely manner.


The tour operator is not liable for damages or losses due to unforeseen circumstances like natural disasters and political instability such as.

  • Acts of terrorism
  • War or civil unrest
  • Personal injuries or illnesses
  • Clients are responsible for their personal belongings and safety.
  • Clients are liable for any injuries/risks resulting from the activities in their itineraries.

Travel insurance

Clients are strongly advised to purchase travel insurance to cover unexpected events such as trip cancellations, medical emergencies and any other travel delays.

Health and safety

Clients must disclose any medical conditions or physical limitations that may affect their ability to participate in the safari activities. The tour operator reserves the rights to refuse participation if a client’s health or safety may be at risk.

Complaints and disputes

Clients must report any complaints or issues to the tour operator in a timely manner through their official website for proper handling and follow up. Disputes will be resolved through negotiation or mediation.

Governing law

These terms and conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Uganda.
Any disputes will be resolved in the courts of Uganda.

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