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2 days Golden Monkey trekking Volcanoes national park, Golden monkey trekking is an incredible wildlife experience that involves hiking into the lush tropical and bamboo forests of Volcanoes National Park in search of the charismatic golden monkeys. The primates are critically endangered and endemic to the Virunga Mountains. These 2 days safari offers a rare opportunity that only Uganda has to see golden monkeys in their natural habitat. Golden monkey trekking can be as rewarding as gorilla trekking due to the fact that the monkeys are habituated to people, and you will see them up-close.

The golden monkey trek is quite straight can be categorized as easy to intermediate meaning that it can be done by seniors. Golden monkeys live in the bamboo zone since its one of their main source of food. The bamboo forest is located at 2,300 -2,600meters above sea level, making it easier to reach from the trailhead without gaining high altitude. Another interesting fact about golden monkeys is that they are known for their striking golden furThey live in large troops, each with 30-80 individuals which means that you will be able to see them. However, when feeding, they are highly active, swift and display playful antics which require a bigger camera lens for a keen photographer.

Highlights for 2 days Golden Monkey trekking Volcanoes

  • 1 hour with golden monkeys in Volcanoes national park
  • Spectacular scenery of the Virunga Mountains
  • Optional cultural tour at the Gorilla Guardian’s village

Detailed 2 days Golden Monkey trekking Volcanoes itinerary

Day 1: Transfer from Kigali city to Volcanoes National Park

You will be picked from Kigali city and driven to Volcanoes national park which is about 2-hour drive. When you get to the lodge, check in for dinner and overnight. Arrive at your lodge Depending on time of the day; you can go for an evening cultural entertainment at the Gorilla Guardian’s village. The non-profit organization supports the lives of ex-poachers and communities and offers the insights into Rwandan culture through cultural activities such as the marriage rituals and the Intore traditional dances.

Day 2: Golden monkey trekking and return to Kigali city

After breakfast, you head to Kinigi visitor center and meet up with experienced guides and trackers who will lead you into the forest in search of the golden monkeys. The trek can vary in duration and intensity depending on the location of the monkeys on that particular day, but it typically lasts for 1-3 hours. As you hike through the forested slopes of the volcano, you’ll have the opportunity to observe the golden monkeys for 1 hour as they forage for food, play in the trees, and interact with each other.

Along the way, your guides will share insights into the behavior and conservation efforts aimed at protecting the critically endangered primates. Once you make your way back to Kinigi, you will be taken back to Kigali city.

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