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This 1 day uganda equator experience is the best way to visit the equator monument at Kayabwe for photo shoots and also learn about the earth’s equator line. Kayabwe is a trading center located along the busy Kampala-Masaka highway about 83 km (2-hour drive) southwest of Kampala capital city. There are other places to visit the equator in Uganda which include Lwaji Island in Lake Victoria and at Kikorongo in Queen Elizabeth national park.

This 1-day Uganda equator experience is much of a fun day trip from Kampala city or Entebbe town. Traveling along one of Uganda’s busiest highways is a great aspect of experiencing the local culture as you stop by roadside markets where you can grab some Ugandan street food for snacking on the go.

Detailed itinerary for 1 day Uganda equator experience

You will be picked up by your guide/driver from the airport or hotel if you’re already in Kampala or Entebbe town. Set off to Kayabwe at the equator where you will take some photo shoots and witness the water vortex experimentation. The equator is an imaginary line that separates the earth into southern and northern hemispheres. The water experiment will help you to understand and the Earth’s orbit of the Sun, Equator and the hemispheres. Your guide will show what happens to flow of water. He will use a funnel like object with a hole in the middle and place a bucket on the northern hemisphere. When water is poured, it will flow clockwise.

The process will be repeated on the southern hemisphere where water flows in an anticlockwise direction. A third experiment is also done right at 0 degrees and the water doesn’t rotate. This is known as coriois force, though not scientifically proven, it’s such a stunning and entertaining geographical experiment. After that, you will go on to dine at the Equator Line Restaurant which stands on both hemispheres.

The restaurant serves Ugandan food and international dishes alike as well as a wide range of snacks, coffee, soft and alcoholic drinks. You can also try your haggling skills in the various souvenir shops around. You will then drive back to Kampala reaching your place of stay in the evening.
End of 1 day Uganda equator experience

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