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1-day Jinja city tour, Jinja municipality is known as the adventure capital of East Africa based on its unique location at the source of river Nile. 1 day Jinja city tour offers a wide range of thrilling activities to do such as white-water rafting, bungee jumping, quad biking, tubing and a boat cruise to the source of the Nile. Jinja town itself has a vibrant atmosphere with bustling markets, colorful streets, old Indian architecture, and a rich history. You will explore the local farmers market and historical sites including the Jinja Railway Museum, which played a significant role in Uganda’s colonial history.

The construction work done mostly by Indian engineers and laborers who were brought by the British East African Company. Many Indians stayed in Jinja after the railway and developed manufacturing industries including textiles, beer, sugar, and fish processing. Indians were later expelled from Uganda by Idi Amin in the 1970s leading to economic collapse. However, Jinja was quick to develop again after 1986 due to hydro-electric power and adventure tourism. The town has maintained its old-fashioned buildings

Highlights of Jinja city tour

  • Boat cruise to the source of the Nile
  • Uganda railway museum tour
  • Stopover at the New Nile Bridge for photo shoots
  • Visit Bujagali falls

Detailed itinerary for 1 day Jinja city tour

The departure from Kampala city starts early in the morning in order to avoid traffic jam. Jinja is 80 km east of Kampala and can be reached by a 2-hour drive depending on the flow of traffic. Enjoy the journey through smaller towns of Mukono, Buikwe, and Kakira sugar plantations along the way. There will some stopover at Mabira central forest reserve and Najjembe, where you can grab Ugandan street food for snacking on the way.

Once you arrive in Jinja mid-morning, you will go straight down stream Bujagali falls. Partially submerged due to the construction of a hydroelectric dam, Bujagali is still a beautiful spot with grade 5 rapids. Meet the team of the rafting company to begin your water sport taking on big rapids downstream. After rafting, take some time to relax as lounge by the riverbank. Enjoy refreshing beer, soda or water and snacks of choice.

Thereafter, drive to the town and explore the attractions of Jinja city including the railway museum. Take a stroll around the farmers market among other souvenir shops. Eat at one of the local restaurants serving Ugandan food. In the afternoon, visit the source of the Nile and take a boat ride to enjoy views of the Nile as it begins its journey northwards to the Mediterranean Sea. Make your way back to the car and transfer back to Kampala arriving late evening. End of 1 day Jinja tour.

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